Christian Centers International is an Arkansas non-profit corporation with 501 C3 and GE classification with the IRS. CCI is authorized to:

1. Credential ministers at three levels:



Christian Worker

2. Serve as a covering for:



Missionaries & Missions Groups, etc.

3. Establish:

Mission Projects

Ministerial Training Programs

Conferences and Seminars

About the President

Dr. Billy R. Coffman is a pastor, evangelist, former vice-president and on the Board of Regents of a theological seminary, and has traveled at home and abroad as a seminar speaker.

Because of a deep concern for the local church, Dr. Coffman has been involved in Mobilization of Leadership Seminars, church organization and planting, Financial Enrichment Seminars, Family Life seminars and workshops, and leadership training in many countries of the world.

Since 1976 he has been involved in training pastors in other nations.  Since 1993 Dr. Coffman has been involved in church planting using tents as houses of worship in countries where the climate is favorable.  One such project now has a congregation of better than 35,000 people.

With a sincere desire to see an inter-denominational church reaching the old, young, and the in-between in Northwest Arkansas, he became pastor of Victory Church NWA in Springdale, Arkansas in September of 1990.  Pastors Billy and Jeanne Coffman share a vision of reaching their area through a caring, concerned, growing, Holy Spirit led church.

Their new project is establishing a Retirement Village for Ministers and Christians as a whole, a Youth Camp, a Vocational and Ministry Training Center, and a Health and Wellness Center on a working ranch in NW Arkansas. To learn more go to